Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes can be updated to point to different URLs without changing the code itself. This means you can edit the linked content even after the QR code has been printed and distributed, keeping your listings and marketing materials relevant and up-to-date.

List it better Features - Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes for Real Estate: A Game Changer for Property Listings

Take control of your Listings, replace empty flier boxes, generate direct leads, and more. Simply scan, and buyers get everything they need.
One of the key features of our Dynamic QR Codes is the ‘Print Once and Done’ functionality. Instead of constantly printing new QR codes for each listing, you simply print a QR code once, and List it Better’s simple updates lets you change the Listing while keeping the QR Code the same. No more taping print-offs to your signs every time you have a new listing.
Simply Scan
Dynamic QR codes are the best way to give buyers easy access to the information they want without all the extra trouble. By creating a ‘Simply Scan’ experience, our QR codes provide an effortless way for buyers to gain access to the details they need about your listings. This efficient process eliminates the extra steps buyers traditionally have to take to find out more about a property, making their journey towards a potential purchase smoother and quicker. It also offers potential buyers an immediate and direct line of contact with you. This seamless communication channel not only enhances the buyer’s experience but also accelerates the lead generation process for you.
Our Dynamic QR Codes go beyond traditional property information. They also offer turn-by-turn directions to your open houses. When potential buyers scan the QR code, they’ll receive precise directions to the property, making it easier for them to find the location and increasing the likelihood of a successful showing. This feature enhances the user experience and sets your listings apart from the competition. You will never wonder how many buyers saw your sign but couldn’t find your Open House.
More than just listing and marketing properties

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