Open House Touchless Sign In

Streamline data collection of Open House Sign In detals. Instead of manually collecting and entering visitor information, our system automates this process. All data collected through List it Better's Touchless Sign In is sent directly to the agent's dashboard and almost every CRM.

Touchless Open House Sign In Feature

Elevate Your Open House Experience with
Touchless Sign In

Replace old school sign in sheets and upgrade your visitor sign in process. Improve communication and follow-ups while enhancing user experience by adopting a modern approach.
Streamline Data Collection

One of the standout features Streamline the data collection process instead of manually collecting and entering visitor information. List it Better automates this process. Basic contact information, plus qualifying questions, from visitors is collected digitally, providing useful data to prioritize leads. Our ability to integrate seamlessly with most CRMs means you can spend less time on data management and more time on what truly matters – selling properties.

Touchless Sign In - Sothebys Smartphone Demo
Touchless Sign In Automatic Follow Up
Instant and automatic follow-up

With List it Better’s Touchless Sign In, following up with potential buyers has never been easier. As soon as a potential buyer Signs-In you can be notified by text or email. The visitor will instantly be added to your dashboard, and can be sent to most CRMs for automated follow-ups. This not only improves your engagement rates but also ensures no lead falls through the cracks. With automated follow-ups, you can keep your listings at the forefront of potential buyers’ minds and increase your chances of closing deals.

Display on Printouts, Tablets, and TVs

List it Better’s versatile Touchless Sign In system is an innovative solution that can be displayed on various mediums – from acrylic signs to tablets and even TVs throughout the property, while providing a modern experience for your potential buyers. Prospective buyers can quickly scan the QR code, provide their contact information, answer qualifying questions, and seamlessly engage with your listing. This unique approach ensures maximum engagement while offering a safe, efficient, and modern experience for your potential buyers.

Different ways to display Open House Touchless Sign In QR Codes
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